RegionX Wiki

RegionX is a project dedicated to developing components for the new Agile Coretime model. The goal of the project is to enable developer teams, researchers, and enthusiasts to start trading, tracking, and analyzing the product Polkadot offers - Coretime. RegionX is also establishing the smart contract infrastructure for creating a secondary Coretime market. This infrastructure is meant to be leveraged by any end-user product built around Coretime.

Overview of the Documentation

The documentation of this wiki is structured into three categories.

  • Basics - Covers all the fundamental concepts of Blockspace and Coretime, as well as highlights the distinctions between the primary and secondary Coretime market.

  • Advanced - Goes into the technical details to understand how the RegionX Coretime market is structured and designed. This section will provide the reader with an adequate understanding of how the Coretime pricing model works.

  • Build - Offers documentation for teams to initiate development on the smart contracts and infrastructure provided by RegionX.

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