Blockspace & Coretime

Blockspace is a key concept in blockchain technology, which can be referred to as the virtual area on a blockchain where code and data are executed. It encompasses the computing capacity and storage necessary for creating a block, enabling functions like transaction validation, smart contract execution, and data storage. Unlike traditional web resources, blockspace combines storage, bandwidth, and computing power over a decentralized network, making it essential for blockchain's functionality and value.

For a comprehensive understanding of blockspace and its characteristics, we strongly recommend exploring the following resources. These articles offer in-depth insights into the concept of blockspace, particularly in the context of the Polkadot network and its role in advancing the Web3 ecosystem:

Coretime is an analogous concept to blockspace specific to the Polkadot ecosystem. It is used within the new Polkadot Agile Coretime allocation model which provides great flexibility over blockchain resource utilization.

For a clear of the Agile Coretime model, we recommend reading the following resources:

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