Secondary Market

The secondary Coretime market is designed to address the constraints inherent in the Bulk market. Its objective is to facilitate more accessible Coretime procurement for all users by further lowering entry barriers and enabling highly efficient and precise allocation of Coretime. To achieve this, we aim to fully utilize the capabilities of the new Agile Coretime model.

The RegionX market is envisioned as a platform where users can trade regions they have acquired from the Bulk sale. Unlike the primary market, regions available on the RegionX market can possess unique properties, each potentially suited to different team requirements.

From the buyer's side, we intend to take flexibility even further by allowing features like Region Derivation. This feature would allow buyers to purchase just a portion of the region that is on sale, enabling teams to acquire Coretime that precisely meets their requirements.

The following sections thoroughly outline the properties and features of the RegionX secondary market. A clear understanding of these aspects is essential for effective engagement and interaction within this market.

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