Primary Coretime Market

The Agile Coretime RFC (RFC-1: Agile Coretime) introduces two new allocation methods for Coretime on the Polkadot Ubiquitous Computer:

  1. Bulk Coretime: Allocated in advance, this method involves periodic scheduling of Coretime through a specialized Coretime-chain. It is designed for users who plan their Coretime needs ahead of time.

  2. Instantaneous Coretime: In contrast, this method allows for allocation of Coretime on the Relay-chain on an as-needed basis, right before usage and follows a block-by-block approach. It suits users requiring Coretime on short notice or for immediate tasks.

These two methods will allow projects to choose the approach they think is best suited for their project.

The Agile Coretime model uses 'Regions' to represent Bulk Coretime. These Regions, serving as assets, signify ownership of Coretime over a specified duration.

They can be:

  • Partitioned: Splitting a region into two new regions, each spanning over a shorter, non-overlapping period of time.

  • Interlaced: Divided into two new regions, each utilizing a smaller portion of a core's resources. This way, a core can be shared by two projects simultaneously.

This allows regions purchased from the Bulk market to be divided, so that the project only keeps the portion they need, while the remaining part can be sold to someone else. This is where a secondary marketplace will come into play.

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