Drawbacks of the Primary Market

The Coretime chain, introduced to provide greater flexibility in Coretime procurement compared to the slot auction lease model, still has certain limitations. However, the new Agile Coretime model introduces all the necessary functionalities to overcome these limitations, thereby allowing us to make Coretime procurement as flexible as possible.

When designing a secondary Coretime market, we concentrated on addressing three primary drawbacks of the Coretime chain:

  1. Limitation in Region Purchase Duration: The market only allows the purchase of full regions, lacking the option to acquire regions spanning less than a four-week period. This restricts the flexibility for users who require shorter duration allocations.

  2. Full Core Masks in Purchased Regions: Each region acquired from the Coretime chain comes with a full core mask, meaning it is assigned an entire Polkadot core. This allocation is often excessive for the needs of most parachains, leading to potential underutilization of resources.

  3. Limitation on Immediate Region Procurement: Users can only purchase regions for the upcoming Bulk period, which implies that teams must wait until the start of the next period, potentially up to four weeks, before they can acquire and assign a region to their specific parachain.

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